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Self-Improvement & Business Success.

How can you benefit?

Collect authentic feedback fast using in app anonymous surveys.

Create groups and send specific feedback requests to your group members.

Create and customize surveys for specific areas of improvement for relevant feedback.

Become part of the supportive Be Better community, share, interact and expand your opportunities and network.

Track your success and get a deeper understanding of your customers or peers with our in app analytics.

Keep feedback and data private or share your success.

Uncover the Power
of Anonymous Feedback

Effortlessly collect unbiased feedback

Employees, customers, friends and family no longer have to think twice about voicing their opinion; our user-friendly app removes the biases often involved in sharing feedback by keeping responses anonymous.

Empower your success with data-informed decisions

It’s time to take the guesswork out of your development. Use the Be Better app to collect and analyze rich data that can accelerate your personal or business growth, resulting in more time and money saved.

with customers

Customers want their voices to be heard. Be Better provides them with a feedback channel that allows them to share their thoughts and requests, so you can identify potential issues and improve customer relationships.

Monitor & evaluate
your progress

With our comprehensive analytics all your feedback data is recorded in one place. Gain insights into how your work has advanced over time, helping you to reflect and select the best trajectory on your path to success.

Speed up processes
with fast & effective feedback

Traditional surveys and interviews are time-consuming and can be difficult to manage. Be Better allows you to streamline the process of receiving feedback through the use of simple and robust app features.

Access Feedback
Tools Designed to
Ignite Success.

Flourish with Feedback Tools Designed For
Personal & Professional Use



Whether you’re a business owner or freelancer, get valuable feedback and data on your next big business decision or venture. Discover invaluable insights on your products or services and share your feedback to acquire new customers.


Large Businesses

Increase your business’ ROI with feedback tools designed to help workforces thrive. Use our custom surveys and advanced feedback features to learn more about your employee’s opinions or customer relationships, allowing you to increase productivity and sales.


Working Professionals

Improve your workplace performance by learning more about what your colleagues think. Be Better is the ideal tool for collecting constructive criticism at work, from presentations to understanding management styles; unlock career success.

Personal Use

Working on a passion project or just some general self-improvement? Get anonymous feedback from friends and family so you can learn how to improve your hobbies or develop your personal relationships.

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